Trinity’s story

April 9th, 2009 by Crystal Ammons

I went to the er at 8:00 on May 23rd from being dizzy & passing out at work, and staring having contractions so they checked me i was 24 weeks & 1 day pregnant then.

I went home after getting doses of Tributaline & was pretty drugged up still later that night at Midnight i woke up to a huge gush of water that smelt like Urine so i went back to sleep.. this was on a saturday.

I went in Wednesday May 28th to find out my water had been broke & i was dialated in active labor, i rushed immediately to Sacred Heart Hospital that has a wonderful NICU, and i had an emergency c-section so me & the baby could fight for our lives.

Trinity was born that nigth at 10:10 pm weighin 1 pound 12 ounces 12 & half inches long.

She done great throughout her NICU stay due to everyone surprise she was one of the healthiest babies in there. She finally got off the vent on July 5th.

She was doing wonderful when we went to visit her on July 6th. We left later that night & at 3am I received a phone call from her doctor saying “Get here quick your daughter had to have emergency surgery or she will die” this was so overwhelmimg I immediately called my fiance & we rushed up there meeting each other & they started surgery at 4:30 & they came out and told us there was nothing they could do all her bowels were dead due to NEC & nothing could be saved when just a few hours earlier she was fine..

At 5:22 my daughter died in my arms & I never wanna go through that again.

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