Phoebe and Jonah’s story

June 11th, 2009 by Uknown

My twins were born in December 2008 at 31 weeks. My baby girl Phoebe weighed 2 pounds 11 and my boy Jonah weighed 3 pounds 8. Both were doing well for 5 days and then Phoebe developed NEC. We were called to the hospital and I couldnt believe how sick she looked. She was almost green and I looked at her and just thought she was going to die.

They treated with antibiotics and then monitored her for 24 hours and then she had to be taken for emergency surgery. They waited for us to come and see her as they thought it may be the last time we saw her alive. I will never forget her frail body being transported to from the incubator with so many wired and bags attached to her. I could see how much pain she was in. It was horrific.

She survived the operation and they told us the next 48 hours were critical. We were updated by the doctors with talk of blood transfusions, platelets, blood pressure being too low, kidneys not functioning, lungs filling up with water and on and on…

We are so lucky that she survived and I am so thankful. She has had an abnormal brain MRI and we are now just hoping and praying that she keeps fighting against the odds.

I am so sorry for all who have lost their baby to NEC. I wish there was something I could do to help and I wish they would find a cure or prevention for NEC.

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