Patrick’s story

January 2nd, 2009 by Christine

Feb07 baby Patrick was born 28 wks early due to placental abruption. While pregnant I was diagnosed with intrauterine growth restriction due to inefficient placenta of unknown causes. Got through the fear of all the unknowns with an emerg c section and a premie. Releived he was alive and well. Baby was placed in the NICU and on day two he was breathing on his own. He was doing remarkably well with no major problems other than Jaundice.

Everyday was a rollercoaster ride though. News was always good in the daily rounds. We finally began to lighten up and breath easier as we were told he would likely be discharged to a regular hospital nursery. His stay in the NICU was for the most part uneventful. Out of the blue, on day 18 his vitals were acting funny. Wasn’t tolerating his tube feeds of BM. Nurses were keeping an eye out but had nothing concrete to tell us.

Next, he was working harder to breathe and they put him on CPAP. They moved him back to one to one care stating they were just being cautious. I left my little Patrick around 8pm that night feeling uneasy and with no information on what was happening to him. I had so many questions with no answers. Recieved call from the Dr. early the next day stating he had Necrotizing enterocolitis. She sounded pretty casual. I went to hospital at 6 am and saw a very sickly baby with a distended tummy. He was not responsive at all. Dr. told us they were waiting for a surgery consult. Little did I know that he would die that morning.

My husband and I clutched onto each other at the bedside and watched the doctors and nurses work on him. Slowly we were moved farther away as things got very hectic. The speed and manner with which they worked became more and more intense as his condition worsened. More staff joined in and I knew it was grave as his vitals were deteriorating.

Finally the last attempt to save his life was Chest compressions. When I saw that I knew it was over. I have to say that was the most traumatic agonizing thing we have ever gone through. It has almost been 2 years and I still cannot beleive we lost our baby. Finally they gave him to me and I got to hold and kiss him freely. Still so many unanswered questions like WHY, WHY, WHY?

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