Nevaya’s Story

May 22nd, 2009 by Myrlande Magloire

I would like to vent my story about my angel, baby girl Nevaya. My Nevaya passed away on Good Friday. She was born at 24wks, weighing 1 3oz. She was beautiful. My first child. I was told she would not cry, and she let out three loud cries. I was told she would not open her eyes, and she opened her eys. I was told was not going to move, well, she was active then ever. She lived for 1 month and 2 weeks. I enjoyed those precious mornings and nights. I miss her so much. She battled with medical NEC. She had surgery, had a colostomy. She was doing fine on breastmilk, But my supply ended and they started her on formula; that was when the condition got worse. I guess I blame myself; I should have tried harder. I was told she caught a communicable intestinal virus (origin, I was not told). I am a Nurse, I tried to stay on top of them, but I came up short. I felt so useless and disgusted by my profession, because I could not do anything to help my baby during her final hours. I can’t face the fact she is gone.

I miss her. I miss her ways. As preemie as she was (she gained weight- 2.5 lb). I am so glad I found this site. I really needed to talk to someone that has experienced what I’ve been through. Please someone respond if you can.

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  1. Lisa Dingess says:

    Dear Myrlande:
    I am so sorry. You are NOT alone. This web site has been a blessing to me and my husband. Our daughter, Kayleigh also died. Her story is posted here. Please do not be bitter by your profession since I spent alot of time in the NICU I am grateful for nurses. My husband & I attended a support group thru Hospice for families who have experience early infant loss. The support group has helped us maybe you can look into one in your area. The pain does not go away. I have taken comfort in knowing that my baby fought so hard to stay with us so I need to fight and greet each day with a promise – a promise that the day does get better. Be kind to yourself and know that your not alone.

  2. Kolponer says:

    Actually I made it by myself. I neeedd my space writing my thinking or daily life of mine. but um I wrote it in Korean not English. How do you understand my story? so I am just thinking of writing my story in English. (:

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