Louie’s story

January 2nd, 2009 by Emma Lowe

Writing this only 2 weeks after louies death is killing me but i need to write it down so maybe someone who knows what I’m going through can understand.

My beautiful son Louie was born on 23 november 2008 although 8 weeks early and weighing 2lb 14oz he was doing so well, breathing on his own within 4 hours, the first few days after Louie were a blur as i was ill.

I lost alot of blood due to a low lying placenta. I spent as much time with him a I could while i was in hospital. But I was let out on day 4 and has to leave louie on the neo natal unit. as I had had a cescarian I couldnt drive so had to wait for james to finish work and then only got to spend maybe 2 hours with him. On 29th november i went to the hospital before James and I remember texting james to say he wasn’t well and kept being sick, when james arrived Louie seemed ok we both had a cuddle and said goodnight. when I called the hospital that night they said Louie was fine and to get some sleep.

8 hours later i called to see how he was during the night. They said he had been unwell and to make our way to the hospital. I knew something bad was wrong. Mothers instincts or maybe history repeating itself i dont know but I went in to complete shock and panic. When I arrived at the hospital Louie had been intubated he looked so pale had no colour in his face and was not my little boy that I had left 12 hours earlier. The nurse explained that Louie had nec but they couldnt tell the extent so he neede to be transferred. The hospital couldn’t operate on Louie so was waiting for a special neonatal team and ambulance to arrive to stabilize Louie as his blood pressure was low which seemed to take forever, at 2oclock sunday afternoon Louie was transferred to st georges hospital neo natal unit for surgery. At ten oclock that night he had the surgery but the doctors explained that the whole of his bowel was white which meant it had no blood flow so there was nothing they could do.

I don’t remember much else, the family arrived to say goodbye and we had Louie blessed. At 2.50pm on monday 1st of december we switched off Louie’s life support machine. Although he went very peacefully and it was very dignified, I wish nobody ever has to go through what we have had to. I lost my first baby megan due to preeclampsia so knew every think about loss in pregnancy. I just wish there was more information about diseases such as nec.

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  1. christine says:

    I feel for you and can empathize with your pain. We went through a very similar experience with our baby Patrick born at 28weeks. I too wish there was more info on Nec. It still eludes me to this day. I am so sorry for your loss.

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