Kendal’s Story

August 29th, 2009 by Nicole Willis

I developed pre-eclampsia while I was pregnant and had been in and out of the emergency room for about 4 weeks when my doctors finally decided to deliver Kendal. Kendal was born August 14, 2009.She was so alert when she was born and was only required to be on oxygen for about an hour. She was born at 33 weeks, and we were told she was just a little small but she was doing great. The hospital doctors went from feeding her 10 to 35 cc’s within 3 days because they thought she could handle it. I was released from the hospital August 18th but I did not leave the hospital until 1:00 am the next day because I did not want to leave her. The next morning, I went to the hospital at about 8:00 and Kendal was not herself. She was pale and was not moving at all. The Dr finally came and explained she was very sick, she had to be transferred to a special hospital. She had to have surgery within 1 hour after being transported and they explained she had a condition called NEC. I live in fear everyday because I do not know how much her little body can take. I never thought anything like this would happen in my life and it has been very scary. Kendal has now had NEC for 9 days and the Dr’s seem to have the infection under control. Everyday is a blessing with her. Just reading all of your stories has been an inspiration to me and I want to thank you all for sharing your stories.

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  1. Elaine says:

    Nicole we are all giving you strength! Keep us updated on Kendal, we want her to beat NEC!

  2. Abby says:

    Nicole you and Kendall are in my thoughts and prayers. It is so hard to see your tiny baby go through this. As Elaine said – we want her to beat this awful disease!
    Abby (Phoebe and Jonah’s mum)

  3. Danielle says:

    Just wanted to say you and your precious baby are in my thoughts, its a difficult battle and i pray that your little one wins the war!! My wee girl born at 26 weeks at 1lb 5oz had nec twice, once life threatening and needed 2 ops, spent 8 months in hospital and is now the happiest wee girl ever and lives a fairly normal life. Sending you hugs x

  4. Verena Zwaagstra says:

    Nicole, I am feeling with you. When I was 13 weeks pregnant with my son, they discovered he had a condition called Gastroscies. This means that his intestines were on the outside coming out of a hole that had not fully closed in his growth. He was born at 34 weeks, and was rushed to Childrens Hosptial in Seattle to the ICU. He had his surgery, and everything was going well. He was transfered to the floor, which ment he was closer to coming home! They started him on very slow feeds, starting at 1 C an hour. On his third day, Christmas day Giovanni got crtical within hours. He turned very pale, and looking lifeless. He was rushed to the ICU. They started on antibiotics, in hope that they would help. Hours went by, and his condition was worsening. They had to rush him into an emregency operation, and I stood outside with my family in shock of everything that was happening within only hours..Giovanni had developed such a severe case of NEC that the surgeons said he had a very small chance of survival. They cut out a segment of his intestine that had died off because he had gotten an E-coli infection in his blood during the time he got NEC. About 20 centimenters of his intestine is gone. As a result of NEC , his kidneys shut down. Attempting to put a cathatdor in by his heart for a dialyis to do the function his kidneys could no longer do was a surgery that could result in instant death. If they rounded a team of 10 surgeons, only 5 of them would even attempt. Dr. Heeli, one of the best surgeons in the hospital came and did the surgery. He said it went very smoothly. I could go on and tell you more about Giovanni’s story but in all he has had 7 surgeries. My family and I have been at the Seattle Children’s Hospital since Decemeber 5,2009, a total of 3 monthes. I have never in my life been put in a situation like this but am amazed at the strength a mother can have. I was told by a surgeon that I should strongly consider thinking about what kind of life I want for my child. He said ” we have the machines to keep these children alive for a long time…is that the kind of life you want for your child..?” Those words went inside one ear and out the other because I knew that in my heart that he would make it through evertthing. He has such an incredible will to live, an d I never ever gave up or will ever give up. He is almost 3 and a half monthes and acts and looks like a regular normal baby. He is alert, laughs, and smiles. I treausre being with him every day of my life and am so blessed that he is mine. Hope all is well with your little one. Stay strong, keep fighting, and never give up.

  5. Nicole says:

    This is Nicole updating on Kendal. Sorry I have not posted sooner but we have been enjoying her so much, I have not had the time. Kendal came home the beginning of November and you would not even be able to tell she was sick. She is now almost 10 months old, trying to walk, and lighting up our lives. We were very fortunate and blessed that we are able to spend another day with Kendal. She is really an inspiration and she is the happiest baby I have ever known.

    Thanks to all of your for your prayers and mine are truly with you.

  6. kristy mamo says:

    hi there im glad your little girl is doing well,its amazing how much fight they have for such tiny little babes. i had twin boys in july 2008one with NEC he had 4 pos and was in hospital 8 1/2 months, they doc said he would never come home. We showed them he will be 2 next month eats any thing and every thing walking around and happy as larry. we never gave up and neither did Hunter,his only 9k 3k behind his brother but happy and healthy.

    they defy all odds and what dosnt kill them makes them 10 times stronger

  7. Elaine says:

    Thank-you for your update Nicole. We understand your time with Kendal has been number one. We are so happy to hear your news.
    Kristy we are also happy to hear about Hunter!
    Good to hear good news…

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