Cessely’s Story

June 24th, 2011 by Tyeteanna & Christopher Tipton

Our baby girl Cessely was born April 29th 2011 the day of the royal wedding how lovely this little angel was meant to be here seeing how we werent expecting her at all!
i went into labor at 35wks which is no surprise because i had been on bedrest she was able to start feedings a day or so after birth within a lil over 24hrs after the feedings started a nurse noticed that Cessely had blood in her stools and wasnt really feeling like eating that did a x-ray that later showed possibilty of nec i got the call from the nurse saying that she would be transferd to UCSF hospital 1hr and a half away after hanging up the phone i dropped to my knees and cryed praying to God that everything would be alright my husband and i packed up and took off the next day the infection really hit hard and we were told that our daughter might not make it and to come and say our goodbyes i remember sitting in that room surrounded by a team of doctors telling us how sick she is never in my life did i think that i would be one of those people who had a child fighting to live i felt out of my body you no how on movies when something dramatic happens and poeple are talking but the person in shock doesnt hear anything yea that was a me i was a complete wreck i was weak sick to my stomach i finally couldnt carry the weigh of the news anymore and gave it all to god soon after doing this Cessely begin to make a turn around overtime not needing blood transfusions blood pressure meds a ventilator morphine or antibiotics so with trusting God and many prayers or little princess is pulling through day by day its May 27th 2011 and we are still here at UCSF IN california but shes stable and headed in the right direction she will probably start feeds within a 2-3wks so keep baby Cessely in Prayer we believe that shes here to show the Doctors a miracle
God Heals

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