Catherine’s story

December 10th, 2007 by Unknown

Catherine Marie was born 2-19-2007 at 32 weeks and weighing 3lbs and 13 oz.

She was a twin and sister weighed 4lbs 1 oz. Catherine had the cord wrapped around her neck three times. Two weeks after birth she developed NEC and was rushed to Children’s Hospital. She never required surgery as her intestines near perforated but she “bottomed out” several times requiring her to be placed on a ventilator for 24 hours. Now she has cerebral palsy and we are still learning as to what extent.

Pray for her.

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  1. Open says:

    I’m a 17-yr-old female, born 3months 11days early, wniihgeg 1lb, 6oz then just 11oz. I had open heart surgery (PDA valve) at 3. I’ve had a raspy/hoarse/low voice all my life (since then) and went through speech therapy, but other than the surgery, no major complications. I found this article very interesting, I always wondered why my voice was like this.

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