Breonna’s Story

June 24th, 2011 by Breonna

The Pregnacy was my first. Wondeful!The baby was growing good.My mid-wife said she was going to be a BIG baby 8-9lbs. It was 36 weeks into the pregnancy, my water broke so the induction began. The midwife says “your to early to have it here, you need to be transfered to a high risk hospital.” My princess comes out 3lbs 14oz. I’m so in surprise. She was taken and rushed to the nicu. It is a confusing situation, what should one do? The next day I was able to go see her. I went into the hospital in joys to be able to hold my baby. Upon my arrivial the nurse showed me my baby. She was red and swollen all over.As I asked questions it was told to me that surgery was preformed at 9 o’clock after having her at 6:54 pm. It was a total shock to me.While in the nicu the nurses discovered she had a heart condition that would need surgery to correct at 1 year of age. The surgery was done at 9 months. one month later she devoloped N.E.C. The scariest thing in my life. The cardialogist started her feeds the next day. Within 5 hours after her feed started she could not tolerate them. The doctor did the waiting scale. With no luck. The blood started shortly after then came the vomiting followed by cardiac arrest. IT is and was the most horrifing thing I’ve ever seen. Now 6 years later my daughter still has a feeding tube from the nec but I will forever be grateful to her beings. GOD has blessed my daughter. Good luck to anyone in this situation

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