Baby Ramsey’s Story

December 17th, 2012 by missy

Ramsey’s Story NEC Awareness and find a Cure

November 3.

RAMSEY’S STORY—— In August of 2012, I developed preeclampsia and had to have Ramsey, @ 30 weeks and weighed 1lb15 oz. He was very strong, and was progressing great. He was only on the ventilator for that 1st night. We were at the NICU everyday with him, from morning till night. On the 5th day, I was able to start holding him and it continued everyday for 2-4 hours daily. On the 15th day we got there early and the doctors told us they were running tests, due to the fact that his heart rate was high. As I was holding him, the doctor came in and told us that he had developed NEC, but gave us hope because he had no tear in his bowel. We were in shock and disbelief and an overwhelming sickness came over us. That day had a tremendous amount of highs and lows. That night we stayed overnight in his room and the respiratory therapist said he would have to put him back on the ventilator and I just lost it!! The next day was also filled with many highs and lows and many doctors and nurses were in and out of his room. That afternoon, they informed us that they would have to transfer him to Children’s Hospital (Dayton). We were very scared and nervous; upon arrival the doctor met with us in the family room in the NICU and told us just how serious his condition was. They started another blood transfusion, and more antibiotics and we sat with him, kissing and talking with him. Late that night, they told us that they were going to sedate him to make him more comfortable. Little did we know at that time, it would be the last time we would see him with his eyes open. They told us to go over to the Ronald McDonald house and get some sleep and continue pumping my milk for him and that the next day would be hard. Early that next morning, we got to his bedside, and I started crying hard, as he had tripled in size…. The nurses and doctors told us it was because his blood pressure wasn’t allowing him to urinate… his blood pressure was 17 and his heart rate was 237. As we sat watching the monitors go up and down, my best friend Mandy, showed up to see us. The surgeon came to his bedside and said he still had no tear in his bowel, but he couldn’t put a drain tube in because his vitals were not strong enough to handle it. They then told us that they were going to run more tests and to try and go get something to eat. Within 20 minutes of being across the street, I got a call from Children’s; I couldn’t answer it so my husband did. They told us to come right over. I then lost it and my husband and Mandy tried to comfort me by saying maybe there were some forms that needed to be filled out. I kept praying the whole way over and asked them both to pray as well. As we approached the NICU they brought us into the family lounge. A nurse was hugging me telling me not to cry, and as we sat down, our Doctor came in and on his knees in front of me, said, “I am so sorry he is dying. “ I pleaded and begged to please try something else, but he said that there was nothing else that they could do. He walked us to his bedside as they were bagging and doing CPR, and unplugged him and handed him to me, so that he could die in my arms. I told him how much I loved him, and how proud I was to be his mom and that he had fought so hard. Words cannot explain or describe the emotions that I was going through. They then let me take him in to the family lounge and let me hold him for 3 hours until the funeral home came to get him. There is not a second that goes by that I don’t think about him or miss him. I am doing this page to help keep Ramsey’s memory alive and hope to spread awareness and hopefully find a cure some day.

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