Baby may have NEC, Mom needs support

May 29th, 2012 by Shaquesta

Hi, everyone.
I found this page through google as I was trying to learn more about this ugly infection. I read a few stories and it breaks my heart to see a baby go through this. You’d think in the year 2012, there would be enough medication to kill this hideous infection. My baby girl was born on April 25 at 29+5 weeks due to incompetent cervix. I already felt guilty having her early but now she is 32+4 and I got some news today that put me in tears. They told me they tested her for blood in her stool an it came back positive, however, they never visually saw any blood. They told me they took her off the breast milk and start her on formula (I forgot the name it it). I asked the nurse will it help with her problem and she told me yes. As I was leaving, I spoke with the nurse again and she told me there COULD BE a chance that my baby have NEC. I’m like what’s that? That’s when she told me what it is. I felt dead leaving the hospital. They’ve done X-rays and her intestines are fine and her belly looked good also. She’s been gassy lately also. She’s already getting antibiotics for her eyes and nose which has bacteria. She told me that those are two completely different things. I’ve been praying so much and so hard. My baby goes hours without a stool, sometimes they help her stool. Every time, it’s a big stool, so I’m just hoping that’s what it is. She’s been doing extremely well since birth. She never had any oxygen, no lung or respiratory problems, taking her feedings…. The only thing she had was a little jaundice that she’s overcome already. I’m so extremely scared. I’ve already lost a son at 21 weeks last year. I can’t take to see my baby go through that. I already feel like such a failure as a mom for take caring her to term 🙁

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  1. LauraMay says:

    I had triplets at 26 weeks on April 29th 2012. Two of my little guys passed within 20 hours of eachother one week exactly after birth and the third one is in critical condition as we speak from NEC. Its a very scary thing to go thru but remember if your baby gets this she can pull thru!

  2. Jolanda de Boer says:

    I know your scared of this infection, but there is hope. My son pulled trough and is now a healthy 2,5 year old.
    He only has showt bowl syndrom, but with medication its oke.
    I hope that your daughter isnt suffering with nec.

    Keep us posted if you want to.

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