Baby Malorie’s Story

February 18th, 2013 by Shannon

Our difficult journey began early morning, 12:30am on January 27th 2013. I woke my husband up having contractions. I was very alarmed because I was only 29 weeks pregnant. After waiting about an hour I called Labor and Delivery and they told me to come in. I was admitted immediately. My contractions were 3 minutes apart so I was given magnesium for 2 days to try and get the contractions to stop. I began bleeding and after 2 steroid shots and 48 hours later I was dilated 4cm and I had an emergency c-section at 10:26am January 29th. My beautiful baby Malorie was born weighing 3lbs 1oz. She started out so well! After the second day she no longer needed the breathing tube and after the third day she no longer needed oxygen. She was handling her feedings of breast milk very well. The following Thursday when I went to go see her I immediately noticed that her color was different. I told the doctor my concerns because everyday she was bright pink and that morning she was a pale color. The doctor had told me that her picc line had gone bad and traveled up her arm and caused swelling. I was told her picc line needed to be removed and they put an I.V. in her scalp. When I held her that afternoon she was very responsive. She kept picking up her head as I talked to her and sang to her. She was so strong. The doctor assured me that there was not an infection but they were going to start antibiotics to be on the safe side. I held my daughter about an hour or so then I left the hospital to go pick up my son from school. At 5:00pm my husband and I called to check on her and they had said they finally got the entire picc line out because it had got stuck earlier. They had said she was stable and doing fine. At 9:00pm my husband and I called and we talked to the NICU nurse. She proceeded to tell us that Malorie was looking very sick and they were going to stop her feedings. They were concerned about an infection. At 11:00pm the doctor called us and told us he was transporting her to Los Angeles for surgery. This was the first time NEC was mentioned to us. It was not even discussed prior to this. We had no idea what we were dealing with. We were still only told she was displaying some signs of NEC. It took the Children’s Hospital Transport team 45 min to stabilize her enough for transport. She made it to L.A. stable but it took the surgeon 4 hours to show up and by that time she had coded several times and she was passing away. The surgeon arrived and told us she was probably not going to survive the surgery but he could do it anyway if we wanted. The hospital was so cold and uncaring, my husband and I were terrified and the doctors treated us like another number. We told them to do whatever needed to be done to save our baby girl. They operated and removed her entire colon and 80% of her lower intestine. When we were told that she wasn’t going to survive my husband and I ran into the room and kissed her, told her that we loved her and then she was gone. Within 12 hours our lives completely changed. We went from having a strong baby girl to saying goodbye to our baby in half a day. I wish I would have known about NEC before this story began. I felt so uninformed of what was going on and before I knew it, it was over. Our angel baby lived for 10 days. Every day is a struggle without having the understanding of why a child would fight so hard to come into this world to be taken away by nec in 10 days. I hope my story will help other parents see that they are not alone.

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  1. I am so sorry for all the pain you mother’s and father’s have gone through. My hope is that you sharing your stories will help other parents faced with this terrible disease find comfort and understanding. You all belong to a special family in which no-one but all of you can truly understand the devestation NEC causes to babies. I’m sure the stories will help other parents in their time of distress. Such courage from all of you.

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