Baby Kyree’s Story

May 14th, 2012 by Baby Kyree's Story

My son Kyree was born 9 Weeks early at 1lb 3Oz due to severe growth restriction and fetal distress. When he got to the NICU, he was doing perfectly. He was anemic and needed a blood transfusion, however, that was his only problem pretty much. After he finally was about two or three weeks old they started his feedings. He was doing perfectly! I was so happy because the older he got I assumed his risk for developing NEC was basically gone. I stayed every night with him at the hospital except for three nights total in which,I had doctors appointments the next morning. The first night that I didn’t stay, they thought he had nec because he had a bloated tummy. It turned out that his bladder was just distended(thank God!) After a few more weeks of just feeding and growing, finally reaching over two pounds.. I noticed my baby was crying for hours on end. (let it be noted that Mr Kyree was nothing close to a cry baby..only whimpered when you bothered him haha ). So I reported it to the nurse. Luckily the nurse practitioner knew my baby wasn’t being himself too so she ordered an x-ray.

About 10 minutes later, they said the x-ray showed a distended bladder again which I thought was another sigh of relief..boy was I wrong. After about an hour and a half the night shift practitioner came in saying my baby wasn’t ok, that this time the radiologist saw what were signs of nec on his x-ray. My heart was crushed knowing what Kyree was about to endure. He went from perfect to rapidly declining within hours. It was the scariest and saddest night of my life. After many x-rays later of the nec worsening and his condition not improving, they took my little soldier back for surgery. I was hopeful, as the surgeon was the better of the two pediatric surgeons at our hospital. Within a little over an hour and a half…they called me back. I then got the devastating news that,they couldn’t do anything for my angel. His intestines were still pink (good) but his blood flow to his bowel had completely stopped and in a matter of hours the intestinal tissues would die. This was so heartbreaking. I spent the next couple hours holding my gorgeous son and he died in my arms on April 26th at six weeks and six days . My son was a miracle baby, I am so upset that this horrible infection took him away from me.

I wish that they knew more about nec and had a cure all by now. This is such a horrible thing these babies have to endure. I pray that my angel stays with me always.

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