Baby Kian James Grant’s Story

October 26th, 2011 by hayley

I had my little boy Kian James Grant on the 31st of July 2011 he was born at 27weeks an 6 days weighing 1.35kg he was quite poorly for the first few weeks and had PDA he was giving medication to close it and it did close but a week later it opened again but he seemed to be coping well i expressed milk for him for 5 weeks but as he was coming on so well i wasn’t getting enough milk to keep up with him so they started giving him nutriprem which he was tolerating well he went up to 2.14kg, One night we got a call to say he had been giving his first bottle we were all so delighted thinking he was a step closer to coming home. The next morning the hospital called to say he had a hernia an they needed to transfer him to another hospital to deal with this. He had his operation for a double hernia and was transferred back to the hospital nearer to us he recovered well from his op but then he started with a stridor, they had damaged his windpipe after they had ventilated him for his op so he had to be transferred back to another hospital to investigate it turned out they had to operate on his windpipe to widen it as it had been quite damaged he would have to be sedated for a week to let it heal. We went to visit him an the tuesday an the surgeon was happy with him and it was healing well they even started his feeds again. we went to see him again on the wednesday. we had been home a little while when they phoned to say he was poorly and his stomach was a little bloated they thought he had NEC they started him on antibiotics and kept a very close eye on him scanning and xraying him by saturday they said he needed surgery then the dreaded call came 95% of his bowel had died and they could do nothing for him i sat with him until he died at 4.30am on Sunday 9th October aged 10weeks we are all devastated i keep asking so many questions why did this happen when he was 10 weeks old an why did they leave him from tuesday until saturday until they operated ???? i miss him so much :'( x

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  1. Shannon says:

    So devastating. Saying a prayer for you!

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