Baby boy Triplet Giovanni’s Survival Story

August 6th, 2012 by Domenic

Our little boy Giovanni was born 31/5 days he is one of Triplets. Our story is a story of survival, all the babies were born healthy and at about 33 weeks we got a phone call that Giovanni had bleeding of the bowel. Previous to this a week before we had two of our boys with bleeding of the bowel and they put it down to intolerance to fortified milk. They both recovered from this and Giovanni had been given antibiotics to treat it. This time was different though and Giovanni was deteriorating rapidly. He was eventually on every survival machine and was riding the vent for 3 days without any movement. All his intestines were inflamed excessively swollen and were ready to rupture. We could not believe what was happening to our Son and all I could think was put a Non Correre magnet (a Catholic symbol I’ve had with me through the pregnancy) in his crib to help him get through this. He had blood transfusions, plasmons and after two weeks without any feeding we started to see an improvement. Within 3 1/2 weeks he was back to our healthy baby again but this time a little more frantic frightened like. Our next hurdle was a possible stricture and operation within 5 weeks which he didn’t get. There are so many sad stories but we wanted to share our story that there is hope and that it isn’t always a fatal illness. Our baby is now 9 months and going strong very active and showing no signs of what he went through in NICU. For all you parents going through this best wishes to your baby and may God bless your child with a speedy recovery

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