Baby Matthijs’s Survival Story

May 30th, 2012 by Jolanda de Boer

Hello everyone,

If my english isnt all that great its because I am from holland.
I am 25 and my daughter (premature) is 7 and my son also premature is almost 2.5 years old.
4 days after he was born, the doctors told me that he was sick and he needed special care in an other hospital.
The ambulance drove him there, and I had to go in an other ambulance, with my husband driving behind us. At the NICU they diagnosed NEC, and they stopped feeding him, and he was treated with antibiotics. For a few days we thought he didn’t need surgery.   Almost a week after he was transferred we wanted to bring his sister with us to the hospital.  Almost immediately the doctors came to us, and they told us that he was getting sicker and so the did an x-ray, they could see a few sick parts and air in his intestines. They rushed him to the operating room and took the sick part out. When he came back he had 2 stomas. I was afraid I could not handle the care of all of this, but my husband helped me through. When our son was 4 months they put everything back together. We were glad to see everything was normal, but it wasn’t. When he was 1.5 years old, he still had diarrhea and his diaper area always was red and bleeding. I had enough of all of this. So we made an appointment at the hospital. After 1 visit they found out that he has short bowl syndrome. He takes medicine now (questran) and everything is going great as we speak 😀 there is hope for all the parents who have a baby with NEC. Here in holland is no such site as this, so i think this is great. lots of love, Jolanda

3 responses to “Baby Matthijs’s Survival Story”

  1. Jolanda de Boer says:

    I hope my story will give all the parents who are currently in this “nec” situation hope.
    Hope that their baby can survive this infection.

  2. Vina Ferrer says:

    Your English is great! I’m surprised the baby was diagnosed with SBS that late. My baby had all the symptoms after surgery and still today At 1 year of age. Probiotic helps with Diahrea though. Thanks for sharing your story!

  3. Jolanda de Boer says:

    Hello Vina Ferrer,

    Thank you for your comment on my sons story.
    My husband and i also thought it was kind of late before he was diagnosed with sbs. they could have told us right after the second surgery.
    They removed a part of his small intestines and a part of is colon.
    Also the ileocecal valve (i hope i said that right i translated it on google) was removed.
    Matthijs also had the symptoms right after surgery but i thought it was because of the surgery.. and this would be oke a little later. when i stopped giving him bottles and he was eating like a normal child then i noticed he still had diahrea even if he was eating normal.

    How is that going with your child now? im going to search your story and i hope i get a new comment

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