Baby Boy fighting NEC

January 14th, 2012 by Jodie

I had my little boy 5 weeks ago very early at 28 weeks. He was at Exeter hospital and only recently transferred to Bristol for treatment on his head. Just as we were getting hopeful regards his return to Exeter we were told today he had NEC, being assured they have caught it wary we are told to remain hopeful! Easier said than done, especially when I am sure our sons NEC has been partly caused by the hospital not continuing with the routine feeds he managed and got used to at Exeter of 7ml every hour and doing it their way of 12ml every 2 hours, the 12ml is too much at one go and I believe has there for caused this. Can anyone else say a change in feed pattern etc has played a part in their little angels having NEC? xX

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  1. hayley grant says:

    my baby was also born at 28 weeks and I also think the change in feeding is definitely something to do with it. My little guy needed an op an had his feeding stopped then after it they built his feeds up really fast while he was still sedated from his op which he needed to be for a week, he had reached 10 weeks old an never for a second did we think by that age that he would develope NEC. i hope all goes well xx

  2. Lisha says:

    I also thought that the feedings may have contributed to my son having NEC, but you think that they should know if feedings cause it. In my opinion I think that they should hold off on the feedings until they are sure there is a slighter risk of babies contracting NEC. I hope and pray all goes well with your baby

  3. hayley grant says:

    sorry i think i made it look like my little guy was still fighting NEC sadly he passed away 14 weeks ago when he was 10 weeks old 🙁 I really hope and pray your baby gets through this xx

  4. Marina Hanekom says:

    Hi – my daughter, Chloe, was born at term (part of a twin) and was so healthy and strong, but low birthweight. She was doing so well on small feeds and then her pediatrician decided to increase her feed by 11ml within a matter of 6 hours!!! Not even 4 hours after he increased her feed she had a distended stomach and was critically ill. 24 hours later she passed away from a total blackout of NEC (her entire stomach and bowel was dead). I strongly believe it was the increased feeds that caused this. I am very bitter and angry at the pediatrician and have reported him to the South African Medical Council. I wish your daughter a speedy recovery. Regards Marina Hanekom

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