Amari’s Story

September 27th, 2010 by Tavia M. Saunders

I dont even know where to begin . so i will just start ….My son Amari Allen was born 4/24/10 at 29 weeks. he develope NEC about 3-4 weeks after his birth , things didnt look good then he had to have surgery , well I have been thru the ringer ! Amari had surgery finally to reconnect 8/2/10 only to go back in last nite to have two stomas. his wound re open which was leaking and muscles exposed turns out there was some scarred tissue which cause the bowel to swell and woulnd to re open. I felt like we were on the road to recovery only to be kicked back down, I fell so helpless. has anyone been or going through what I am . it took me ten years to have him and four miscarriages. i just need someone who can relate.

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