Baby Isabell Anna’s Survival Story

May 14th, 2012 by Eva North

I am a mother of four beautiful children, two of which were preemies, my youngest preemie born exactly three months premature at 26 Weeks, offically at birth wasn’t breathing, and didn’t have the sucking capability. She developed nec during one of her “good moments”, the hospital called me to let me know that they had to stop her feedings and to just hang onto my breast milk that I was pumping for her. I wasn’t sure why, but they went back to tube feeding her to let her little belly rest and relax, thank goodness she didn’t require any surgery for it and she is a very happy healthy six and a half yr old who goes thru her spurts of eating alot, to not being able to eat a whole lot at a time. I consider myself and my daughter very blessed, and my prayers go out to every one who is going through this and not being able to bring their little bundles home. If there is anything a stay at home mom of four can do to assist parents going through this, I will try to do what I can. Good bless you all.

Isabell Anna is now almost 7 yrs old

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