Update on our Survivor Monique

November 29th, 2012 by Yvonne Dutton

Update on Monique:
Some of you may have read Moniques story previously. On November 16 she turned 23 years old. On November 21 I remembered that it was the day that she was almost taken from me. I so clearly remember getting the phone call that her bowels had perforated and the hospital wanted permission to do emergency surgery. I had only went home to change clothes as the hospital she was at was not the hospital that I had been admitted to have her. I could not get to the hospital fast enough. As I came off the elevator, she was being wheeled into the elevator. I got to kiss her and tell her I loved her. then the long dreaded wait began. Monique got engaged this past June, we are planning her wedding. I can not express how emotional I get thinking that I may have never had this opportunity with her. For all of you who are starting this journey, it is a scary one and the nervousness and anxiety never goes away. I always wonder how she will do when I’m no longer around to ask her “where is the pain”, “what does it feel like”, “when was the last time you had a bowel movement”, “what did it look like”…. I pray that when she has flare ups that she will seek the treatment she needs.. its a scary thought to know that one day that I wont always be there to watch for those things. My advice to you parents who are going through this is to let your child know the difference between the different pains they may have from a normal belly ache to something more severe. While it may not be a nice thing to talk about, let them know that if they don’t have a bowel movement at least every 24 hours and they have pain that they need to seek medical help, if their stool is yellow or green, they need to seek medical treatment, if the pain is so severe that they cant walk or seem to breathe that they need to seek medical treatment. Eventually your children will grow up and you will no longer be there to watch for those conditions. the best thing you can do is help them to be independent and recognize “normal” for some children may not be “normal” for them. I hope this helps

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  1. Liz says:

    Thank you for your story. I’ve been looking everywhere on the internet for survival stories and people to help me figure out what to do about the constant worry of bowl movements even though my survivor is almost 5. Going days without one then days with 10-12 bowl movements in a day. I can’t find a support network of moms who talk about this stuff. Congrats on your daughters wedding!!!!!

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