May 7th, 2016 by annoyamous

My niece was born at 34 weeks. She weighes about 6lbs now. She has had bloody stools, ( they found another bloddy diaper today) my sister is completely devastated. Its her first child, a cute little girl. They at first thought it was a milk allergy, so they didn’t feed her for a week, on two different occasions. From.what I’m reading it sounds like she has NEC. And a part of me wants to just scream at the the doctors to hurry up, do surgery and fix the issue. I don’t think its an allergy. My siter isn’t really good about expressing her emotions, that’s fine. I’m currently pregnant with my second, and would feel totally completely guilty if my baby was born healthy and something happened to hers! So if y’all could say a little prayer for my little niece please! I’d appreciate it!!! Thank you so much. Its scary as all get out to read your stories, and they are also hopeful. God bless all of you! And thank you for being such inspirations, you and all your Angels in heaven!

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