May 7th, 2016 by Joanna fisher

Me and my husband went to for an overnight stay to Glasgow for a christening and I went into labour. I was 25 weeks and 3 days pregnant with twins. I was 2cm dilated when I went to wishaw hospital following a bleed, as we were from England we didn’t know where we were and therefore had to google the nearest hospital. My beautiful twins Lola and Ellis were born a week later on 3/5/14 by emergency C-section after Lola’s heart rate kept dropping when I was having a contraction. Lola was 1lb 14oz and 31cm long and Ellis was 1lb 15oz and 35cm long. Lola done so well and didn’t need ventilating, she went straight onto oxygen and thrived. Little Ellis wasn’t is such a good state and was ventilated straightaway. They both went straight to neonatal ICU. After a couple of days Ellis’s tummy swelled and he was bringing up green bile, they xrayed him immediately and sent him straight to yorkhill children’s hospital as they suspected NEC and a perforated bowel. When we arrived the consultant said they were putting a drain into his tummy to see if any faecal matter would come out due to a perforation. The consultant immediately put the drain in which confirmed there luckily wasn’t a perforation. He praised the wishaw hospital consultants as the NEC on the X-ray was really subtle and could easily has been missed therefore he was started on IV antibiotics and all feeds stopped. Ellis was a fighter and continuted to thrive, he had his heart duct closed to help with the blood flow to the bowel and a few weeks later when he was transferred to our local hospital he got NEC again however this was found once again early and he was treated with IV antibiotics. We have been so so lucky and it’s really sad to hear the stories were the parents haven’t been as lucky as us. The twins are now 20 weeks and sleeping and growing!! Ellis has recently had his four hernias corrects and had a hard time with that. He went into cardiac arrest during surgery but once again recovered within 6 days and was home again!! We now call him Ellis the cat with his 9 lives.

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