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Baby Bryn’s Story

December 17th, 2011 by Heather

My little girls were born october 1 2011. I was 31.5 weeks at the time. I was ecstatic that my body made it past 30 weeks. I never in a million years thought anything would happen. Londyn was born 2 11 and bryn was 2 7 . The drs were raving how they were above average preemies but it was always followed with is all we worry about is infection.
It was the happiest I had ever been in my life. 5 days after they were born at about 5 am i got a call . Bryn had contracted NEC. The drs said we caught it early shes on antibiotics and doing great. Death was never a thought. About two hours later the drs called and said Bryns doing fine but we want to transfer her for evaluation. He again reassured me its just precautionary and she was doing fine. I rushed to the hospital , my little angel stomach had turned green. I still felt confident that she would make it. I was so ignorant!! It had been a raining day and i was more nervous thay the ambulance would get into an accident. I cried and cried and told them to please call me as soon as she arrives. Two hours later I got the call. Bryns intestines perforated and she had died. That phone call replays in my head everyday. I had to bury my little angel. Londyn left the nicu 6 weeks later. Londyn is my miracle baby. She has a little angel watching over her. NEC is a horrible disease!! More research needs to be done on this. How in 2011 do they not know a cause!