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Camdynn’s story

February 20th, 2009 by Unknown

Camdynn and her twin sister, Ryleigh, were born on December 16th 2008 at 28 weeks due to PPROM. Camdynn weighed 2.5 lbs. and was 13 3/4 inches.

Camdynn had a rough start but after her first night she started to improve. About a week after she was born I was able to hold her. At this time she had a CPAP and was doing great. Things continued to go well until January 6th when she had to have a blood tranfusion and was “bagged” since she was having trouble breathing.

On Jan. 7th I went to visit her and her sister as I did everyday and the nurses and doctors told me she was having a much better day. She looked peaceful and beautiful and I felt better hearing she was doing okay.

Around 9:30 P.M. that night the doctor called me and said Camdynn had had a bloody stool and that they were sending off x-rays to make sure everything was okay but was told not to worry and that she would be fine.

Three hours later I got another call and was told that Camdynn had NEC. At this time my mother and I rushed to the hospital and saw my poor sick little girl. She had her eyes wide open and held my hand for a long time. After I had been there for a few hours Camdynn took a turn for the worse. She was having trouble breathing and they tried different ventilators on her but nothing was working. Every single NICU nurse was working on my beautiful baby girl but it just wasn’t enough.

After 23 days of life Camdynn passed away on January 8th 2009 due to NEC. As she was passing away her twin sister’s heart rate shot up. She knew her big sister was leaving.

I would never wish this pain upon anyone. There is no worse event then watching your child pass away. I look foward to the day when I can hold my beautiful baby girl again and she can meet her twin sister.