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Maddison’s story

July 27th, 2008 by Lindsay Robinson

Hello Maddison was born on 15.12.06 weighing 3lbs 14oz, she was born 3 months early due to my illness, I have a heart problem, I was told I may never have any children of my own because of my illness, so when I found out I was pregnant I was over the moon.

I went to my 3 month scan I was so excited, I saw my baby and I just felt tears of joy streaming down my face, then my 5 month scan came I couldn’t believe I was having a baby, she was growing ok and every thing was normal.

Finally she was born she was kicking and waving her arms about she was beautiful they said Lindsay you have a healthy little girl. As each day past she was gaining weight and doing so well 6 weeks later she was moved in to a cot and in to home nursery I was so happy, a nurse said to me not long now and you will be taking her home. Then I got a phone call it was the hospital – can you come straight away Maddison’s not too good we have had to move her to ICU. I went straight to the hospital and there was my beautiful little angel her tummy was swollen up like a balloon, they said we need to operate so they did but days went on and she wasn’t getting any better so they did another operation to see if they could do anything else but they couldn’t. They took me and my family in to a room and they told me there was nothing else they could do. I had her baptized and then turned her machine off I could feel my heart breaking more and more. I was taken to a room where me and my family could spend time with her. She was a little fighter and my miracle. Maddison died in my arms with my hand on her heart, at 8pm on 31.1.07, my world was shattered, a doctor said we call it the silent killer because they don’t know until the baby’s tummy is bloated by then its to late. I think they should tell every pregnant woman about NEC in babies.

Anastasia’s story

July 12th, 2008 by Cristina Rodriguez

My princess Anastasia Elizabeth was diagnosed with NEC back in may. Her bowels actually perforated and all her meconium had spilled out into her abdominal cavity. Luckily her doctors caught it before any part of her intestines died.

Upon doing a small procedure to remove the meconium it was discovered that she had roughly 30mls of meconium and fluid inside her abdominal cavity. It was so severe that simply making the incision allowed it all to come gushing out of her. She had a penrose drain put in and it drained any fluid that hadn’t already been removed. She recovered beautifully, although her belly did remain at about 23cm-23.5cm which for a preemie her size I thought to be quite large. You see Anastasia was born at 24wks and 6days. She only weighed 1lb 13oz at birth and measured 12in long.

This past Sunday July 6th her belly blew up yet again, bear in mind it had never really gone back to its original size (it remained anywhere from 23cm-23.5cm to 25.5cm). She also threw up and took the NG tube out of her nose. Up till then she was doing great. She was tolerating 10mls of food every hour, she was gaining weight significantly, she was off her intubation tube and down to a nasal canula, she was urinating and defecating as she should’ve been. Come Monday morning things just got worse. Her belly got even bigger and she was struggling to breathe. She was rushed into emergency surgery after it was discovered that there was free air inside her intestinal lining. Upon arrival my husband (her father), my mother and myself were told that she did indeed have the disease again, but unfortunately it got her harder than it had prior. All her intestines had died and there was nothing they could do for her. We were told that we could keep her on life support for a few days, but it would simply be more painful for her because the infection would just begin to spread throughout her little body and shut down all her vital organs. We made the decision to end her suffering. All our family was present as we baptized her and soon afterwards she was taken off her ventilator, her leads and her IV’s. She was brought into a family room where us and both our immediate families were all waiting. Our beautiful princess took her last breaths in her father and my arms. She went peacefully. She did get to see us all one last time as he woke up when she was brought to us. I will never fully understand why it happened to her again. I realize it is no one person’s fault. I just wish we had more time or at least some sort of sign that would’ve told us her organs were dying inside her. Perhaps then she would still be with us.