May 7th, 2016 by Tonet

At 30 weeks and 2 days, I decided to call my midwife to check if I needed my blood pressure checked as I felt that something was wrong. I was excessively swollen in my hands, feet,and legs.I also noticed my face was swollen and my eyes were puffy. I saw my midwife 2weeks prior who said my blood pressure was slightly high,but not alarming. When I called her, she told me to meet he at the hospital to check my bp. It was when my nightmare started. I was immediately diagnosed with severe preeclampsia and my baby girl was delivered 2days later. She was great…breathed on her own after a day and was totally fine. After about 10days, I was told she was a bit warm and inactive. They did some tests and all came out normal. I just told the nurse that maybe she really was just always sleepy, as most newborn babies are. They gave me the impression that she was fine. About a week later, I was told they were checking for infection. I thought that may be routinary as she was a preterm baby.They told me she was fine…growing and gaining weight. Two days later, I got a call early in the morning saying she was very ill. I rushed to the hospital and was devastated to see my Angela looking so different the day before. She was staring straight up and was not blinking,and her stomach was bloated. She passed away a day later. All the doctors could tell me was that it was nec and it was already very severe they could not even do surgery anymore. Looking back, I strongly believe she could have been saved if only she was diagnosed early. She was already showing signs of infection days before. I should have not left everything to the doctors. My instinct actually told me something was wrong. The day before she was diagnosed, I felt she had diarrhea which is one of the symptoms of nec. I just dismissed it as nobody said it. I am very devastated, frustrated, and disappointed. My sweet Angela…I will forever miss her smile and her beautiful eyes. If only I could have done something.I am full of thoughts of what could have been. I miss her terribly…She passed away in my arms on October 9, 2014.

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