Baby Brentlee’s Survival Story

November 7th, 2012 by Amber Stockard

When I was 39 weeks I delivered my healthy little girl by a scheduled c-section (not due to complication) she was so beautiful! Brentlee Stockard was born at 6lbs. 14 oz…. Very healthy…. I only breast fed… She choked twice while we were still in the hospital but were told she was still trying to get if of the fluid from birth… We went home and were home for three weeks! She would choke occasionally, sometimes severely enough that I had 911 dialed in my phone but I could always get her breathing again… My doctor was convinced she had acid reflux and was lactose intolerant… She had told us to try a formula that we gave to her sister when she was a baby, so we did…. And that’s when the choking for a lot worse… I called and told them and they wanted to get her in that same day… When we went she happened to spike a fever of 100.4 which was the temp that the doc sent to ER… So we headed to the ER thinking we were going to be in there for 48 hours for observations and then go home…. While we were in there she had stopped running the fever and the ER was giving my doc a hard time about sending us over because she appeared ok…. Sounds crazy but I hoped so bad she would choke while we were there so they could see how bad I really was, and she did…. They rushed in and were suctioning her throat and mouth… She was finally breathing again and then the nurse noticed her stomach had become really distended…. They began removing all the formula from her stomach and called a care flight team to come and get her…. They had her on antibiotics for three days and then her bowel perforated and she was rushed in to emergency surgery…. They removed 2 ft of bowel and have Her an ileostomy… It was reversed three months later… She was in the NICU for 98 days… She is now 15 months old and the cutest little girl with a belly scar ever!
We have started a Facebook page trying to raise awareness for NEC and we would love for everyone to join and help us out!

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2 responses to “Baby Brentlee’s Survival Story”

  1. yvonne dutton says:

    Loved reading this story- I always was proud of my daughters belly scar- she is 23 now and this past february had her scar revised- she was always a little self concious of it.

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